A Football Statistician

A Football Statistician

Ever wondered how the commentators at Fox Sports know that no player with a surname longer than 12 characters has ever scored a hatrick in the national league of Australian Football? Andrew Howe is your answer.

What started out as a personal project to simply find out more information and history of Australian Clubs associated with migrants from across the world has lead Andrew Howe to become the leading Australian football statistician.

Despite the time involved in maintaining this aspect of Australian Football history, Andrew Howe works at the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the football statistics remains a hobby.

“I’m a population statistician by day and I’m the football statistician by night.”

Photograph: Joe Gorman for Guardian Australia

Since 1999, Andrew’s collection of national team, national league statistics and history is treated as the official record by FFA. At the beginning of each season he completes a season guide, which is then distributed to the media.

In his season guide at the introduction of the A-League, Howe says he was instructed to treat the competition as entirely new entity, thus no records of the National Soccer League were carried over.  It has only been at the beginning of season 2015/16 that Howe was permitted to introduce some of his well kept records from the days of Sydney Croatia, Preston Makedonia and South Melbourne Hellas.

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