For the Enjoyment of the Game

For the Enjoyment of the Game

With a career spanning across the National Soccer League with Parramatta Power to becoming the record holder for number of A-League appearances with stints at Newcastle Jets, Melbourne Heart and Sydney FC – Matt Thompson was a central fixture around Australian Football for over 16 years.

Thompson began his professional career at Parramatta Power at only 17 years of age, signing his first professional contract on his birthday. Thompson when onto represent the club 93 times the second most appearances behind Ahmed Elrich with 119.

“I loved it, I played it, but I just loved it while I was there, when I wasn’t there I wasn’t necessarily thinking about it. It was just something I enjoyed”

After the ending of the NSL, Thompson had a short stint back with his local club Macurther Rams before signing on with Newcastle Jets in the A-League.

Despite being part of the Grand Final winning side in season 3 (2008) of the A-League, Thompson rates the season before where Newcastle lost on penalties to Adelaide in the Semi-Final as a better team.

‘The second season at Newcastle Jets was the best team I have ever played in, along with the last season at Parramatta’

In 2009 Matt Thompson made his Socceroo’s debut in an Asian Cup Qualifier under the reign of Pim Verbeek. Thompson recalls one camp, some players went out, when they were not supposed to only for Verbeek to find out before breakfast the following morning. At breakfast Verbeek addressed the players:

‘Last night some players went out, you know who you are, you have until lunch to come to me and own up to it, you will be fined, it will be a big fine, if you don’t come to me there will be trouble’

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