The Best Job in the World with Copa90

The Best Job in the World with Copa90

2 years, 32 countries – Eli Mengem has travelled the world with Copa90 and experienced some of the biggest rivalries and derbies in football.

Before all this though, Eli Mengem was just a lover of the beautiful game in Australia. From travelling internationally to support the Socceroos to leading active support at the ill-fated Gold Coast United, Eli lives his love of the game.

The moment that changed Eli’s life came in 2013, Copa90 ran a competition for the ‘Best Job in the World’ offering one fan the chance to report on the Confederations Cup in Brazil for the Youtube channel. Eli pulled out all the stops in entering the competition, quitting his studies, quitting his job, loading up his credit card, even hiring a cameraman…and he won!

Days later Eli headed out to Brazil where he did such a good job Copa90 hired him permanently requiring him to move to London.

What has followed for Eli has been a whirlwind journey of 2 years and 32 countries, endless flights and many football games. In that time Eli has become one of the key faces of Copa90 presenting a series called Derby Days where he explores the fiercest rivalries in football.

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